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My Keynote Presentation at Oracle Technology Network Architect Day   Leave a comment

Infrastructure high availability is extremely critical to Cloud Computing. In a Cloud system that hosts a large number of databases and applications with different SLAs, any unplanned outage can be devastating, and even a small planned downtime may be unacceptable. On May 16, 2012, I gave a guest keynote presentation High Availability Infrastructure of Cloud Computing at Oracle Architect Day Event hosted by Oracle Technology Network (OTN).  This event kicked off the 2012 Architect Day series for IT solution architects.  During the presentation,  I covered the best practice of configuring IT infrastructure such as servers, storage, network, Operating system , also discussed the high availability architecture that system architects should consider in cloud infrastructure design. These include Oracle Real Application Cluster, Virtualization and Disaster Recovery solutions.  After the presentation, I also attended the panel session and the round table session for QAs and more extensive discussions on high availability and cloud.

My keynote presentation slides can be downloaded here . The recorded video and audio of the presentation soon will be available for  download here  .

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Call for Paper   Leave a comment

On March 14, 2o12, Oracle issued the call for paper for this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference. The call for paper will end on April 9, 2012.

Oracle OpenWorld  is the biggest IT conference. While the  magority of presentations will be given by Oracle speakers,  some percentage of presentation slots  will be allocated for speakers from Oracle community .  According to the Oracle OpenWorld Blog (, each year  more than 3000 submissions compete  for these slots and roughly 18% of the submissions get  accepted.  It is a tough competition! Those lucky winners will get a chance to speak at this prestige IT conference as well as  a free ticket to the conference.

Since 2006 , I have been lucky enough to get at leat one presentation accepted every year.  It has been a really  great experience to attend and speak at the conference.  The following is a list of my OOW presentations (not including panels) since 2006. For this year’s OOW submission, there are a few topics in my mind based on the projects and  the lessons learned  I had  in the past year  and some  projects that I am currently working on.  I will make sure to submit them by April 9th’s deadline. 

OOW 2006: 
 OOW 2007:
OOW 2008: 
 OOW 2009: 
OOW 2010: 

OOW 2010 Beijing:

OOW 2011:

Attending Oracle ACE Director Briefing in Oracle HQ   Leave a comment

As a tradition, Oracle ACE diretor briefing is held in Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores . This product briefing covers some of the latest development of Oracle Technology that will be announced on coming Oracle OpenWorld.  It is very exciting to see this new technology. It is also an Oracle ACE director family reunion. Greate  to see all these good friends from all over the world.

Oracle Executive Vice President Tomas Kurian gave an opening address.


Oralce Vice President Database Product Manageemnt Mark Townsend  talked about Database products.

Latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager will be announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2011   Leave a comment

At this coming Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle will announece the new release
of Oracle Enetrprise Manager. In last few months, as a beta partner,
we have actively involved on the POC project of upgrading our current
version of Oracle Enterprise Manager to this new release.

I would recommend we should attend the following Oracle OpenWorld Sessions to learn the new release of Oracle Enterprise Manager and the best way to upgrade from your current Oracle Enetrprise Manager to this
new release Oracle Enterrpise Manager:

1) Session #20000, Oracle Enterprise Manager Upgrade Best Practices MosconeS, Wednesday, 05:00 PM, Moscone South – 309 by Akanksha Sheoran Kaler, the senior product manager for Oracle Enterprise Manager at Oracle.

Description: The latest release of Enterprise Manager has arrived. While you may be eager to put it in action, you are also concerned about how to upgrade your current system without disrupting your ongoing monitoring. This session will cover the best practices for upgrading Enterprise Manager and how to make the upgrade seamless and uneventful.

2) Session 07633 – Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Manager, Using Best Practices,Thursday, 01:30 PM, InterContinental – InterContinental Ballroom A-, Roger Lopez (Dell), Kai Yu (Dell), Akanksha Sheoran Kaler (Oracle)

Description: This session examines options and methods available for performing Oracle Enterprise Manager upgrades with minimal downtime and that fit your business needs. You will learn about upgrade approaches and best practices. The presentation highlights the worst mistakes you can make, the key steps you can skip, and common errors that will cause your upgrade to fail.

My Oracle VM3.0 presenation on Sept 21@12:00pm   Leave a comment

Recently I have completed a virtualization infrasturecture configuration based on Oracle VM3.0.

This virtualization includes Oracle VM3.0 Manager, two Oracle VM 3.0 servers running on Two
Dell R710 servers and Dell Compellent Fibre Channel SAN.

I will share my Oracle VM 3.0 experience on my presentation for IOUG Virtualization Webinar.
The followings are the presenntation infomration:

IOUG Virtualization Webinar
*** Wednesday, 21-Sept-2011, 12:00pm Central / 1:00 pm Eastern


Title: Virtualizing Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM: Methods/Tips
**** Presented by Saar Maoz, Oracle Corp and Kai Yu, Dell Inc***

Virtualization technology provides the solution to enable the server
partition and consolidation for improving the resource utilization
and archiving the great flexibility and high availability. Combining
Oracle VM with Oracle RAC provides the grid ready architecture to
consolidate the data center infrastructure. Recently released Oracle
VM 3.0 has introduced a lot of new features for scalability, manageability
and ease-of-use. This presenter covers the configuration of such an
architecture based on Oracle VM and Oracle 11g R2 RAC. You will learn
the basic Oracle VM architecture as well as the tips and tricks
of configuring networks and shared storage in Oracle VM 3.0 for the
multiple layers virtual infrastructure to support 11g R2 RAC database
deployment. Another focus area of this presentation is Oracle RAC VM
templates and how to use it for the rapid deployment of Oracle
RAC cluster on Oracle VM.

(Refer to IOUG online Education at :

Start time: Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011, 12:00pm Central / 1:00 pm Eastern.
The presentation will last one hour.

Register the webinar here:

A Summary of My Experiences with the 2011 Oracle Technology Network Latin America Tour   Leave a comment

From July 5th to July 23rd, 2011, the 2011 Oracle Technology Network (OTN)Latin America Tour covered multiple countries ranging from Central America to South America.  The tour’s purpose was to give a series of presentations on various areas of Oracle Technology.  Led by Tom Kyte, the vice president of Oracle Corporation, the OTN tour speaker team consisted of world leading experts on Oracle Technology from Oracle Corporation as well as from the industry technology community.  It was a great honor to be invited to join this speaker team  to travel  and speak with  some of the  industry’s legendary speakers:   Graham Wood, Debra Lilley, Hans Forbrich , Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Ronald Bradford, Kuassis Mensah, Arup Nand and the great speakers from the local Oracle user group of each country.

The 2011 OTN Latin America Tour Speaker Team

On this OTN Latin America tour, I gave the following technology presentations at three South American conference sites: Sao Paulo, Brazil;  Montevideo, Uruguay and Santiago, Chile:

  1. Virtualized Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM: Methods/Tips
  2. Oracle 11gR2 Clusterware: Architecture and Best Practices of Configuration and Troubleshooting

Through these two presentations,  I  discussed  the Oracle RAC and Oracle VM technology with the Oracle user communities of these three countries, and also introduced the engineering work we do at the Dell Oracle solutions engineering lab on Oracle databases, and  Oracle VM and Cloud infrastructure. Additionally, I explained how the people in the  user communities in these quickly growing economic regions can take advantage of these solutions to meet their business needs.

At first thanks OTN for the sponsorship of the tour. And I want to expecially  thanks the event organizer Francisco Munoz Alvarez  for his admirable efforts,  and thanks  the local user group leaders and team members who hard work  made this great opportunity possible. It was delightful to see that the people in the Oracle communities in these three countries were very eager to explore  the new Oracle technology.  In two of my sessions in Sao Paulo, the audience filled the entire conference rooms. Brazil user group leader Eduardo Hahn and his team did an excellent job organizing this conference.  I was also amazed by the excellent work and great hospitality of the wonderful Uruguay user group  leaders Nelson  Calero and  Edelweiss  Kammermann and their team. The conference in Chile was  held in a great facility provided by a local private university. The conference’s audience was very attentive to the presentation content and they were very active in the QA  sessions. Somtime the QA and discussions were even extended to after  the sessions. Some of people  brought up the related questions from their current systems to discuss.

The highlights also include the hospitality of the great friends and wonderful culture experiences and the incredible sightseeing in these countries.  These also made this tour really memorable.  

Really want to thank everyone for this wonderful memory and hope I can join the tour again next year!

The following sideshows are the memory of the tour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oracle Technology Network South America Tour- Sao Paulo   2 comments

Being inivted by Oracle Technology Network (OTN),  on July 15th, 2011, I joined the last part of  OTN South America Tour to travel to Sao Paulo Brazil;  Montevideo Uruguay; and Santiago, Chile.  I will give two presentations at each conference.  On July  16th, I gave two presentations in Sao Paulo for the Brazil  Oracle User group  at GUOB) Tech Day 2011:

1) Virtualized Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM: Methods/Tips

2)Oracle 11gR2 Clusterware: Architecture and Best Practices of Configuration and Troubleshooting.

The followings are some photos from the conference and my presentation sessions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1-Day Expert Oracle-Centric Conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – VirtaThon Road Tour @BrainSurface   Leave a comment

BrainSurface The Collaborative ConnectSpace for Oracle, Java & MySQL Professionals proudly presents the 1st-stop in the VirtaThon Road Tour program; a 1-day Oracle-Centric Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 07/07/201. Join the experts and Learn4FREE for a full day of knowledge-filled sessions.

My session will be at 07/07/2011, 5:00pm – 5:45pm EDT

My presentation title is :
Case Study: Implementing Oracle Grid : Customer Case Study

Event attendance URL:

Four of my papers have been accepted by Oracle OpenWorld 2011.   2 comments

Just received an email notification from Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Content Team. Three of my papers have been accepted by the conference commitee. These papers are:
1) Session ID: 06980
Session Title: Configuring and Managing a Private Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager
2) Session ID: 07633
Session Title: Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Manager, Using Best Practices
3)Session ID: 08945
Session Title: Consolidate Oracle E-Business Suite Databases in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Grid: Case Study

For sure  I got the work to do this summer.

Latest update on July 2nd:

Looks like my fourth paper was accepted by Oracle OpenWorld 2011 for an IOUG Sunday session:

4) Session ID #09385: Ensure the High Availability and Stability of Oracle RAC: Storage and Network Side Story.

And you can see my OOW 2011 speaker page at this link.

My Collaborate 11 Presentations:   Leave a comment

The Collaborate 11 conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on April 10-14, 2011, At this conference, I will be giving the following three presentions:

1. Title: Oracle E-Business Suite: Migration to Oracle VM & template based deployment:  

  •    Conference: The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) Forum
  •    Time:  Monday, April 11 at 2:30pm-3:30pm.  
  •  Abstract:Oracle VM provides the server virtualization that not only enables high availability and scalability, also simplifies and standardizes the deployment for Oracle E-Business Suite.  To leverage Oracle VM, the existing Oracle E-Business systems on physical servers need to be migrated the VMs and a new development needs to start on the VMs.  Attend this session to learn some best practices for such an migration and  also to learn how to create and use the VM templates of customers’  own project specific Oracle E-Business systems for on-going project. The session will also examine how to leverage the benefits of Oracle VM such as high availability and scalability and server partitioning for Oracle E-Business suite R12.1 infrastructure

    2. Title:  Automated Provisioning Oracle 11g R2 RAC using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g  Provisioning Pack

  •  Confernece: The Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) Forum
  • Time:  Tuesday, April 12 at 11:45am – 12:15pm
  •   Abstract : Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g provides an end-to-end solution for automated provisioning and lifecycle management of the entire system stack.  This session covers how Oracle Enterprise Manager Provisioning pack can save the time and cost for IT organizations by automatically  provisioning Oracle Real Applications Cluster (RAC).  Attend this session to learn how configure the latest Oracle enterprise manager version 11gr1 and how to enable its provisioning pack including the provisioning deployment procedures and the software library ,and  how to automate some time consuming and error prone  tasks such as provisioning Oracle 11g R2 RAC database,  extending RAC database by adding an additional node and how to save the gold image of the 11g R2 RAC based on the existing RAC environment.

3. Ensure the RAC High Availability: Storage and Network Side Story

  •    Conference: The independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) forum, High Availability Bootcamp
  •     Time: Wednesday, April 13 at 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Abstract: While Oracle RAC technology provides the high level of availability and the great scalability for the database , the stability of the central piece of RAC technology: Oracle clusterware largely depends on its underneath system infrastructure: network and shared storage. Come to this session to learn some architecture of RAC and clusterware in 11g R1 and 11g R2 and the best practices of configuring the network and shared storage to ensure the stability and high availability of the Oracle clusterware and RAC. The session will also cover the troubleshooting tips of some clusterware stability issues such as node eviction which is frequently related to the network and the share storage.

I also will be attending the following panels as the moderator or a panelist:

1. IOUG High Availability Panel:    Time: Wednesday April 13,   11:45am-12:15pm

2. Oracle RAC SIG panels: 

  •     RAC SIG BOG Panel: Monday April 11,  9:15am-10:15am
  •      RAC customer Panel: Teusday April 12, 9: 15am-10:15am
  •      RAC Expert Panel, Wednesday, April 13, 8:00am-9:00am

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