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My first Oracle Blog   1 comment

This is the first  post in my Oracle Blog.  I am starting this blog and hope to use it  to exhange ideas and share experiences with colleagues and friends who also share  the same  passion for Oracle Technology.

In fact, this is my very first blog. As I learn the new techniques  with blogging, I will use them to refine my blog design. But for the initial design, I created four pages on the top of the blog: “About Me”, “My Presentations”, “My Publication” and “Technical Resources”.  The “About Me” page has something about myself, and what I do. The “My Presentations” page lists my recent publications on various Oracle conferences and forums. The “My Publications” page lists my recent whitepapers, articles and conference papers. The “Technical Resources” page lists the URL links to some technical resources, such Oracle 11g documents, Oracle wbesite, et

Thanks everyone who came to visit my blog. I will added more later ….

And by the way, the image of the header is  the photo I took in Austin, Texas, where I live.

Kai Yu

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