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Public and bonded private network configuration for Oracle RAC in an Oracle VM environment   Leave a comment

It can be very challenge to configure the network in Oracle VMs, especially for Oracle RAC which requires the public network and a bonded private network interface.  The following configuration has been tested in configuring  Oracle VMs as the Oracle RAC nodes:

1. Oracle VM server (Dom 0) physical network configuration:

eth0: public

eth2, eth3: for iSCSI storage connections.

eth4 and eth5 for private interconnects.

2. Xen bridge and bonding  configuration in Oracle VM server (Dom 0)

  • Xen bridge xenbr0 is connecting to eth0 to provide a public network
  • eth4 and eth5 are bonded as bond0 for the private interconnect.
    This bonded private interconnection is also used for Oracle Cluster File System 2( OCFS2) heartbeat traffic between VM servers in the VM server pool. This OCFS2 cluster file system provides storage for the VM repositories.  On other hand, bond0 is also presented to the guest VMs as a virtual network interface eth2 through Xen bridge Xenbr1.

3.  Network configuration on guest VMs (Dom U)

etho in Dom U is connected to eth0 of Dom 0 through Xen bridge xenbr0 as the public network.

eth1 in dom U is connected to bond0 through Xen bridge xenbr1 as the bonded private network for RAC on the guest VMs. The following shows the network configuration in dom0 and domU

For the detailed network configuration such as  bonding and Xen bridging network configuration scripts, refer to my recently published whitepaper :Efficient Deployment of Oracle® Real Application Clusters (RAC) in a Virtualized Environment Using Enterprise Manager Provisioning Pack,


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Oracle E-Business Suite VM templates and Virtualization Kit   Leave a comment

Oracle has released Oracle E-Business Suite VM templates and the virtualization kit for building Oracle E-Business suite templates from an existing EBS environment and deploying a new Oracle E-Business Suite environment basded on the templates.  For more details, refer to the five-part series from Ivo Dujmovic, an architect in Oracle Applications Technology Integration group on virtualization and cloud topics.

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My Oracle VM whitepapers are published.   1 comment

Until last weekend I had completed two new Oracle VM whitepapers. Therefore, the  miniseries of three Oracle VM whitepapers based on three of my Oracle OpenWorld 2009 presentations have been completed and published online. These whitepaper papers are:

1) Building an Oracle® Grid with Oracle VM on  Dell™ Blade Servers and Dell EqualLogic™ iSCSI Storage, Dell Oracle Solutions Whitepaper, October 2009.

This paper describes the Oracle Grid infrasturecture architecture design and implemenation detailes. It covers the steps by steps of configuration of this Oracle Grid: the physical Grid on a 8-node Oracle RAC and the virtual Grid on three Dell blade servers. It covers details of Oracle VM server configuration, how to mamage Oracle VM environment, and how to configure network and shared storage for Oracle VM servers and Oracle virtual machines.

2.Implementing Oracle® E-Business Suite in a Scalable and Reliable Virtual System Architecture, Dell Oracle Solutions Whitepaper, January 2010,

This paper examines the best practices to deploy Oracle E-Business Suite R12 infratsurcture on the Grid enviroment by leveraging Oracle VM and Oracle RAC. 

3. Efficient Deployment of Oracle® Real Application Clusters (RAC) in a Virtualized Environment Using Enterprise Manager Provisioning Pack,  Dell and Oracle Joint Whitepaper, January 2010

This Paper examines the configuration of Oracle RAC infrasturecture on Oracle VMs and the best practices to proovision and scale Oracle RAC by using Oracle Enterprise Manage Provisioning Pack.

Check the My publications page on the top of the blog  for the completed list of my Oracle whitepapers and articles.


Kai Yu

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