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This Week I am in Las Vegas attending Collaborate 2010 conference. Today April 19 is the first day of the conference. I gave my first presentation of this conference on the storage bootcamp. The topic was building Oracle Grid  with Oracle VM on blade servers and iSCSI storage. Although the session only attracted around 25-30 peoples in the audiences, the people in audiences show some good interest on the presentation as a good number of questions came up during the presentation.   This session was also recorded as part of the IOUG virtual conference that was also assailable to users to watch remotely.

We also had a good birds of feather session by Oracle RAC SIG . This session was a platform for RAC users to share  their experience and learn each other’s experience. We had two major topics: Oracle 11g R2 and its upgrade process; Oracle RAC best practices. After the panel, we received very positive response about this panel.

For tomorrow schedule, I will  manage the IOUG RAC performance tuning bootcamp  and  present the quick tip session : RAC performance monitoring and diagnosis using Enterprise Manager at 11:45am  to 12:15pm. and partiticpate the RAC Tunign Expert  panel on 4:30pm-5:30pm.

During the conference, several Oracle RAC experts and presenters are stuck in Europe due to the Iceland volcano. This potentially caused some trouble s to the conference presentation: some sessions have to be canceled. Fortunately Arup is able to pick Rijaj’s presentation ppt to present it for Rijaj in Tuesday morning. Alex Gorbachev is also stuck in  Europe and will not able to attend the RAC SIG session, We are very fortunately to have Mike Ault and Syamal Bandyonpadhyay to be on  the RAC SIG Expert panel.


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