Completed configuration of Oracle 11g R2 RAC on OVM2.2   Leave a comment

Last week, I completed a configuration of Oracle 11g R2 RAC on Oracle VM 2.2. It was a pretty complex configuration, which consists of the following components:
Hardware and storage infrastructure:
1) Physical hardware for Oracle VM servers: Two Dell PowerEdge server R810:
2) Storage: Dell EqualLogic PS6510 iSCSI array with 10GbE iSCSI as the shared storage for Oracle VM shared storage as well as the shared storage for Oracle 11g R2 RAC.

Software stack:
1) Oracle VM 2.2 for Oracle Virtual servers installed R810
2) Oracle VM manager 2.2
2) Oracle Enterprise Linux 5U5 64 bit Os for as the two guest VMs as the RAC node
3) Oracle 11g R2 RAC built on top of two guest VMs:
Grid infrastructure with 11g R2 clusterware and ASM instances
11g R2 RAC software and RAC database
Basic configuration:
1) Oracle VM repository resides in shared storage of EqualLogic PS6510 storage array
2) The shared storage for 11g R2 Grid infrastructure and the RAC database
were configured on the virtual disks on the guest VMs which are mapped to the
the physical devices that were built on the EqualLogic storage volumes :
. ACFS for shared 11g R2 RAC home
. ASM diskgroup for OCRs and Votingdisks
. ASM diskgroup for Oracle RAC database including data and FRA.

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