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Received the 2011 OAUG Innovator of the Year Award   Leave a comment

The  Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG)  Innovator of the Year award recognizes a member company that has demonstrated an innovative technique using the standard functionality of an Oracle Application.  On April 11, 2011, at the Collaborate 11 conference, OAUG announced this year’s innovator award winner Dell Inc, for its pioneer breakthrough method for standardizing the Oracle Applications deployment in the virtual environment.

Oracle VM provides the server virtualization that not only enables high availability and scalability, also simplifies and standardizes the deployment for Oracle Applications E-Business Suite.  To leverage Oracle VM, the Oracle Applications E-Business Suite need to be virtualized and  a new deployment method needs to be established on the virtualized environment. Although Oracle provides the certification of running Oracle Applications on Oracle VM and Oracle  Applications vision instance virtual machine template to build the vision demo Oracle Applications system on Oracle VM, there is no documented method to virtualized customer’s own Oracle Applications systems that usually have the customer business data and setups and customization.  As a result, customers would have to manually copy the the business data and reapply the setups and the customization to the virtual environment.

To solve this problem, to standardize the Oracle Applications deployment in virtual environment, with the support of Oracle engineers in Oracle Applications/Oracle VM team, Kai Yu and John Tao  have designed and implemented the systematic method that allows Oracle Applications DBAs to migrate their Oracle Applications Systems from physical servers to virtual machines. This method will also allow Oracle Applications DBAs to create the virtual machines templates based on their own Oracle Applications systems and use the virtual machine template for deployment of new Oracle Applications environments. This deployment method replaces the traditional cloning-based Oracle Applications instance creation method with creating the Oracle Applications virtual machines from the virtual machine templates. The new Oracle Applications instance deployment has been simplified into just the IO operations of copying the virtual machine images plus entering a few instance specific parameters such as instance name, port numbers, and hostname and host IP addresses during  the first time of Oracle Applications virtual machine startup.

Kai Yu has shared this method with OAUG members  by presenting this method in UKOUG Oracle EBS and Tech 2010 conference.  Kai Yu and John Tao have presented  this method at the OAUG Collaborate 11 conference.  The prsentation can be downloaded on this link: Oracle E-Business Suite: Migration to Oracle VM & template based deployment.

My Collaborate 11 Conference preseations are loaded.   Leave a comment

I just uploaded three of my Collaborate 11 conference presentations. You can see these presentation pdf by clicking the following links:

1. Oracle E-Business Suite: Migration to Oracle VM & template based deployment, OAUG Collaborate 11 conference presentation.

2. Automated Provisioning Oracle 11g R2 RAC using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g  Provisioning Pack, IOUG Collaborate 11 conference presentation

3. Ensure the RAC High Availability: Storage and Network Side Story, IOUG Collaborate 11 conference presentation.