My Upcoming Presentation on IOUG –RAC Webinar Series   Leave a comment

I will speak at IOUG RAC Webinar Series on May 11th, 2011. The presentation aims to provide DBAs some practical understanding and best practices of system configuration such as network and storage that are very critical to the stability of Oracle clusterware and RAC. It discusses hardware/OS configuration, public and private interconnect network and shared storage configuration, and shares some experiences/tips for troubleshooting clusterware issues such as node eviction and how some useful diagnostic tools help for the root cause analysis. This presentation also covers some clusterware administration methods as well as the new clusterware features. The following are the details of this IOUG Webinar:

Title: Oracle11g R2 Clusterware: Architecture and Best Practices of Configuration and Troubleshooting
May 11, 2011 from 11:00am-12:00pm CDT
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  • Oracle 11g R2 Clusterware Architecture
  • System Hardware for Oracle Clusterware/RAC
  • Network configuration for Oracle Clusterware/RAC
  • Storage Configuration for Oracle Clusterware/RAC
  • Managing Oracle Clusterware
  • Clusterware Troubleshooting
  • QA

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