A Summary of My Experiences with the 2011 Oracle Technology Network Latin America Tour   Leave a comment

From July 5th to July 23rd, 2011, the 2011 Oracle Technology Network (OTN)Latin America Tour covered multiple countries ranging from Central America to South America.  The tour’s purpose was to give a series of presentations on various areas of Oracle Technology.  Led by Tom Kyte, the vice president of Oracle Corporation, the OTN tour speaker team consisted of world leading experts on Oracle Technology from Oracle Corporation as well as from the industry technology community.  It was a great honor to be invited to join this speaker team  to travel  and speak with  some of the  industry’s legendary speakers:   Graham Wood, Debra Lilley, Hans Forbrich , Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Ronald Bradford, Kuassis Mensah, Arup Nand and the great speakers from the local Oracle user group of each country.

The 2011 OTN Latin America Tour Speaker Team

On this OTN Latin America tour, I gave the following technology presentations at three South American conference sites: Sao Paulo, Brazil;  Montevideo, Uruguay and Santiago, Chile:

  1. Virtualized Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM: Methods/Tips
  2. Oracle 11gR2 Clusterware: Architecture and Best Practices of Configuration and Troubleshooting

Through these two presentations,  I  discussed  the Oracle RAC and Oracle VM technology with the Oracle user communities of these three countries, and also introduced the engineering work we do at the Dell Oracle solutions engineering lab on Oracle databases, and  Oracle VM and Cloud infrastructure. Additionally, I explained how the people in the  user communities in these quickly growing economic regions can take advantage of these solutions to meet their business needs.

At first thanks OTN for the sponsorship of the tour. And I want to expecially  thanks the event organizer Francisco Munoz Alvarez  for his admirable efforts,  and thanks  the local user group leaders and team members who hard work  made this great opportunity possible. It was delightful to see that the people in the Oracle communities in these three countries were very eager to explore  the new Oracle technology.  In two of my sessions in Sao Paulo, the audience filled the entire conference rooms. Brazil user group leader Eduardo Hahn and his team did an excellent job organizing this conference.  I was also amazed by the excellent work and great hospitality of the wonderful Uruguay user group  leaders Nelson  Calero and  Edelweiss  Kammermann and their team. The conference in Chile was  held in a great facility provided by a local private university. The conference’s audience was very attentive to the presentation content and they were very active in the QA  sessions. Somtime the QA and discussions were even extended to after  the sessions. Some of people  brought up the related questions from their current systems to discuss.

The highlights also include the hospitality of the great friends and wonderful culture experiences and the incredible sightseeing in these countries.  These also made this tour really memorable.  

Really want to thank everyone for this wonderful memory and hope I can join the tour again next year!

The following sideshows are the memory of the tour.

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