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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Call for Paper   Leave a comment

On March 14, 2o12, Oracle issued the call for paper for this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference. The call for paper will end on April 9, 2012.

Oracle OpenWorld  is the biggest IT conference. While the  magority of presentations will be given by Oracle speakers,  some percentage of presentation slots  will be allocated for speakers from Oracle community .  According to the Oracle OpenWorld Blog (, each year  more than 3000 submissions compete  for these slots and roughly 18% of the submissions get  accepted.  It is a tough competition! Those lucky winners will get a chance to speak at this prestige IT conference as well as  a free ticket to the conference.

Since 2006 , I have been lucky enough to get at leat one presentation accepted every year.  It has been a really  great experience to attend and speak at the conference.  The following is a list of my OOW presentations (not including panels) since 2006. For this year’s OOW submission, there are a few topics in my mind based on the projects and  the lessons learned  I had  in the past year  and some  projects that I am currently working on.  I will make sure to submit them by April 9th’s deadline. 

OOW 2006: 
 OOW 2007:
OOW 2008: 
 OOW 2009: 
OOW 2010: 

OOW 2010 Beijing:

OOW 2011:

Interview with Andrew Younger in IOUG about Collaborate 12 IOUG High Availability Boot Camp   1 comment

I was tasked by IOUG to organize the IOUG High Availability Boot Camp at Collaborate 12 conference. Today (March 19, 2012), I had an interview with Andrew Younger in IOUG  to talk about the contents/topics on the High Availability boot camp. Here are the QAs of the interview:

Andrew: For whom are your sessions designed? (Who will get the most value out of them?)

Kai: As one of the IOUG educational Boot Camps at Collaborate 12 conference, the High Availability or HA boot camp runs on Monday and Tuesday. Why do we need two days, because High Availability is very critical for today’s IT system, and it has been also very challenge to design a cost effective HA solution and implement it properly to meet the high availability requirement of SLA.  When we prepare for this boot camp, we have this goal in mind that we want to provide a good coverage of related technology and tips and tricks for the DBAs and architects or DBA managers who are looking for the advices and best practices for the high availability solutions of their Oracle database environments.

Andrew: What is the main focus of your sessions – do they address a specific problem or introduce an innovation?

Kai : In this two day boot camp, we total have 11 sessions presented by Oracle ACE/ACE directors, as well as other industry well known speakers who are recognized for their expertise on their areas.  Through their presentations, the speakers are going to share their tips and tricks and lessons learned on their chosen topics. 

These 11 sessions including 9 one hour sessions and 2 x 30 minute sessions, cover several Oracle HA related topics  such as Data Guard, backup and recovery, RAC, RAC one Node, Oracle VM and GoldenGate,  as well as the case studies of how to use these technology to achieve high availability in real world.  Each of session will be presented independently. Attendees can choose any of them based on their interest. They also can go the IOUG website’s collaborate 12 boot camps tab and click the High Availability tab  to see the list of the sessions and the  schedules, titles and speakers:

 Andrew: What are the main points of learning that attendees will take with them back to their own work?

Kai: As a reviewer, I had a privilege to preview all the presentations contents and found a lot contents were based on  real world practical experiences. The attendees can really leverage these course contents for a comprehensive learning experience. Without going too detail of each session, I would like to highlight some of the topics from this Boot Camp.

Session #544 by Syamal Bandyopadhyay will explore an overview of the various High Availability solutions and the considerations to design a cost effect HA solution for business and how they are used in good size IT department.

We will have two Data guard centric sessions #334 and #649:   Session #334 by  Manoj Machiwal will focus on how to leverage the Active Data Guard feature to utilize the secondary site for reporting purposing. Session #649 by Bonnie Bizzaro  will discuss the best practices of configuring data guard for a RAC database using data guard broker.

Session #184 by Dong  Wang  is about the features and best practices of the latest GoldenGate v11 and some of the common use cases. 

We will have two sessions focusing on backup and recovery. Session #711 by Oracle ACE Yury Velikanov will Shared his experience and lessons learned from his RMAN backup scripts auditing and how to eliminate the errors in your the backup process so that you can ensure the recoverability under stress. Session #492 by Oracle ACE Nelson Ariel Calero will talk about the Important Hidden features in RMAN , tips and tricks  and sample code in command line interface ,Troubleshooting, and debugging techniques, practical examples, optimization techniques.

 We have allocated three sessions to explore the technology to achieve server high availability such as Oracle RAC, RAC one and Oracle VM. Session #548 by Tom Reddy will discuss a 16 node Oracle 11gR2 RAC configuration case study,; session #373 by Leighton Nelson  will discuss some of the RAC diagnostic tool and how to use these utilities for RAC trouble shoot and diagnose problem in RAC system. Session #840 by Oracle ACE director Kai Yu will discuss other cost effective options to achieve server HA such as RAC One Node and Oracle VM

 Finally we have two case studies sessions to discuss how to reduce the planned downtime due to system upgrade and migration. Session 371 will go through a case study of migrating a system from a single Instance to RAC and also to upgrade from to up with minimal downtime using Data Guard. Session #633 by Oracle ACE director Tariq Farooq will get a 360-degrees deep-dive along with tips & tricks, recommendations, best practices, gotchas & lessons learned, on how to do online migration of  a Single-Server Single-Instance Oracle Database to Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) with Oracle Streams and Oracle Data Pump with almost zero downtime.

 In summary, this two days high availability boot camp is designed to cover several major areas related to Oracle database high availability. This can be a great opportunity for speakers and colleagues to share their experience and learn each other. That also can be a great network opportunity and I would expect that more  extensive knowledge sharing will also continue after the boot camp.

My Activities at Collaborate 12 conference: Sessions and Panels   Leave a comment

The biggest annual Oracle community event IOUG/OAUG/QUEST Collaborate conference will be held from April 22-26, 2012 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This year, I was asked to organize two educational events during the conference for IOUG: Oracle EM12c Deep Dive and High Availability Boot Camp. In addition I will give  three technical presentations and attend a few panel discussions. Here are the detailed agenda.

1.   Lead the Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Deep Dive, Session #920, 9:am-3:pm, Sunday ,April 22nd, Room 8,  

Title: New Features and the Best Practices for Installation, Configuration and Upgrade of Enterprise Manager 12c, Akanksha Sheoran(Oracle),  Bala Kuchibhotla(Oracle),  Mathew Mckerly (Oracle), Roger Lopez(Dell), Kai Yu (Dell)
Abstract: Recently Oracle released Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c cloud control as a total cloud control solution that provides a complete lifecycle management of the entire IT infrastructure. This deep dive will provide an educational opportunity focused on this new management solution. First you will learn the best practices of how to install and configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c along with how to upgrade your current Enterprise Manager grid control to the new 12c cloud control. Then you will learn how to leverage some of the best features of Enterprise Manager 12c to manage your IT infrastructure. Finally, you will explore how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 to manage a provide cloud infrastructure.

 2. Manage IOUG Collaborate 12 High Availability Boot Camp at Room 8, Monday, April 23, 9:45am-Tueday 24 5:30pm for12 HA Boot Camp sessions:#334, #548, #840, #225, #649, #184, #371, #633, #544, #711, #492, #373.

 3. High Availability Boot Camp presentation: Alternative Options to Enhance the High Availability of your Oracle Database, Session 840, Room 8, Mon, Apr 23, 2012 (12:15 PM – 12:45 PM)

Abstract: You want to run your database in a high availability configuration; Oracle RAC provides the great solution to achieve the high availability against the server failure. However Oracle RAC license can be very expensive especially if your database is running on a physical server with a high number of CPU cores. Are there any other alternative options to achieve high availability for your database? This presentation will examine two practical solutions to this problem: Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node, and running database in a virtual environment such as Oracle VM. Both these solutions allow you to run a single node Oracle database with the capability to migrate or fail over to other server in case a server failure. Come to this session to learn how to implement and manage these solutions:

 4. Virtualization Boot Camp presentation: Virtualizing Oracle 11g/R2 RAC Database on Oracle VM 3.0, Room 17, Mon, Apr 23, 2012 (03:45 PM – 04:45 PM)

Abstract: Virtualization technology provides the solution to enable the server partition and consolidation for improving the resource utilization and archiving the great flexibility and high availability. Combining Oracle VM with Oracle RAC provides the Database Cloud ready architecture to consolidate the data center infrastructure. The new Oracle VM 3.0 release not only improved the scalability, but also introduced the new Oracle VM Manager to provide centralized management and simplify and automate network and storage configuration. This session will share the experiences of author’s experience on Oracle VM 3.0 through beta program to the production release and give a step-by-step guild to configure such a virtual infrastructure for Oracle 11g R2 RAC database You will learn the basic Oracle VM architecture as well as the tips and tricks of configuring networks and shared storage through Oracle VM Manager 3.0 on the Oracle VM server layer as well as the Oracle virtual machine level to support 11g R2 RAC database deployment and operation. This presentation also discuss the Oracle RAC VM templates for the rapid deployment of Oracle RAC cluster on Oracle VM and some configuration best practices and methods to monitor and manage the performance of RAC database on Oracle VM with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

 5. Configuring and Managing a Private Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Session #312 Room 17 , Tue, Apr 24, 2012  4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Abstract: Recently released Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control provides a complete, out-of-the-box integrated solution for total private cloud management. This session will have a step-by-step walk-through for cloud and self-service administrators who are setting up a private cloud based on Oracle VM 3.0 provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). You will learn the experiences from our private cloud project that helps speed your cloud deployment and minimize risk. The presentation also shows how to provision application services by using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c self-service capabilities and manage application capacity dynamically.

 6. Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Customer Advisory Board meeting: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 11:45 AM – 2:00 PM

 7. Oracle on Oracle VM – Expert Panel, Oracle VM Expert Panel, Wednesday, April 25, 9:30 am – 10:30 am, Location, Room 14, Panelists: Tariq Faooq, Honglin Su(Oracle), Mike Adult, Kai Yu   

Description: Virtualization is the foundation stone in the Cloud Computing era.
The speakers will present, detail & elaborate Comprehensive Concepts Overview, Insight, Recommendations,  Best Practices, Current Strategies, Pros & Cons, Relevance/Role in Cloud Computing, Prevalent/Dominant Paradigms & Technologies and, a whole lot more about Virtualization as, it relates to Oracle DBAs from the perspective of Oracle on Oracle VM.

8. Oracle RAC Expert Panel: schedule not confirmed.

9. Oracle RAC SIG Birds of a feather Panel: Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 12:00pm – 12:30pm