Virtualizing Oracle E-Business Suite through Oracle VM   1 comment

Oracle VM provides the server virtualization that not only enables high availability and scalability, also simplifies and standardizes the deployment for Oracle E-Business Suite.  To leverage Oracle VM, the existing Oracle E-Business systems on physical servers need to be migrated to the virtual machines  and a new development needs to start on the VMs.  With the support of Oracle engineers, I worked with John Tao from Dell IT Oracle Applications DBA team to design and implement the systematic method to virtualize Oracle Applications E-Business Suites by migrating them from physical servers to Oracle virtual machines, as shown in the following diagram:

This work also allows creating the virtual machines templates based on the customer specific Oracle E-Business systems (EBS) and using these virtual machine templates for deployment of new Oracle EBS . This deployment method replaces the traditional cloning-based Oracle EBS instance creation method with Oracle EBS VM template based deployment. This new deployment has significantly simplified and standardized Oracle Applications E-Business Suite deployment for customers saving them time and money as shown in the following figure:

This method was awarded the “2011 OAUG Innovator of Year Award” by Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG). For the detailed of this method, refer to this whitepaper on this link:


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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience.
    It was a pleasure to read the pdf file with your useful comments.

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