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My Presentations at Germany Oracle User Group Conference (DOAG2019)   Leave a comment

Next week I will be presenting the two following topics at Germany Oracle User Group Conference (DOAG2019):

Cloning Oracle EBS Database With Snapshot for DEV/Test

Abstract: For many complex database applications such as Oracle E-Business suite, it is quite common that a production environment needs 10 or more copies of various development and test purposes. This database clone process to create these many copies of production database can be very challenging and costly especially when the database gets larger than multiple even over 10 terabytes (TBs). This session will discuss two snapshot based methods that can help IT simplify this database cloning process and reduce the time and resource cost: The method is called Oracle gDBClone which is based on Oracle ACFS snapshot. The second method is based on database storage volume snapshot provided by the storage array. With a real example in our IT department, we will discuss the implementation details of these two methods and discuss the pros and cons of these two methods.

Oracle ADW for Advanced Analytic and Machine Learning

Abstract: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) provides a fully automated data warehouse specific features to deliver outstanding query performance. As a fully managed cloud service running on high performance Oracle Infrastructure Cloud (OCI), ADW also comes with a new set of tools such as Zeppelin-based SQL notebooks for advanced analytics and Oracle machine learning. This session will examine the architecture of Oracle ADW and its collaborative environment. Then we will discuss how application developers and data scientists can leverage this environment: how import and export large set of data to/from ADW database instance, and how to build, evaluate, and apply machine learning models with SQL notebooks. With several examples, I will share some troubleshooting experiences and tips of building such advanced analytics and Oracle machine learning applications in Oracle ADW.

The  presentation slide deck links have been listed on the presentations section of this blog.