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kai_yuMy name is Kai Yu.  I am a senior principal engineer/solution architect in Dell Oracle Solutions engineering lab. I have been working on Oracle technologies since 1995. My involvement with Oracle Technologies really came from two different prospects:  as a hardcore Oracle Database administrator and Oracle Applications DBA in various IT departments 1995-2006 and as an Oracle solutions architect and system engineer  since 2006  while I  focus on design and architecting of various Oracle solutions that are usually composed of the entire technology stack: hardware platforms, storages, network, OS/Oracle VMs , Oracle databases/RAC and/or Oracle ERP applications. In April 2010,  I was nomiated and accepted by Oracle ACE program  and became one of 51 Oracle ACE Directors   (as in April,  2010), a group of officially recognized Oracle experts with strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates.

To share my work and experience with colleagues,   I have published Oracle technical whitepapers and articles in some technical magazines such as the proceedings of  IEEE HPCC conference, IOUG SELECT Journal, Dell Power Solutions magazine and Dell /Oracle Websites, and have given over 120 technical presentations at various US and International technology conferences  such as IEEE HPCC conference, IOUG BIW, Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG/OAUG Collaborates, UKOUG Tech & EBS conference ,  Oracle OpenWorld Asia, OTN LAD conference tours and APAC conference tour and OUG EMEA Harmony conference, DOAG, BGOUG, OUG Norway.  Please visit “Publications” section of this blog for my whitepapers and “Presentations” section of this blog for my conferences and seminar presentations.   I received  the Dell most prestigious “Customer Experience Legend Award” in 2008 and two times  “Dell Enterprise Solution Group  Revolutionary Awards”  in 2011 by Dell executive management for architecting Oracle solutions. In April 2011, I received the industry prestigious Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG)  2011 Innovator of the Year award on behalf of Dell for the creative work on virtualizing Oracle E-Business  Suite Applications on Oracle VM. In 2012, I was awarded and the 2012 Oracle Excellence Award: Technologist of the Year: Cloud Architect by Oracle Magazine. I am a co-author of Apress book “Expert Oracle RAC12c.

One of my favor activities is to work for the Oracle user community. In 2008-2015 I served various roles such as president and Chair positions and board member of the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) Oracle RAC Special Interest Group( Oracle RAC SIG), a user community which specializes in Oracle RAC technology. In 2011 I co-found the IOUG Virtualization SIG which is latterly changed to IOUG Cloud Computing SIG. I have been the board member of the Cloud Computing SIG and Webinar chair  and Vice president ever since. I also served as an IOUG Collaborate conference committee member, the SIG advisor and a paper reviewer many times and the manager and presenter of IOUG Oracle RAC performance tuning boot camp and IOUG High Availability Bootcamp at IOUG Collaborate conferences.

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  1. I am very entertained to see what you have developed and worked on latest Oracle VM and RAC technology. From your technical presentations, I can see where the Oracle technology is heading and cover a lot of area especially in VM environment.
    Thank you for your contribution to the user community.
    Alex Cheung

    • Hi, Alex,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and attending my technical presentations. Oracle VM is really great technology for virtualization and
      the Cloud computing. It removes the physcial servers dependency of the applications and allow us to move the applications
      across the servers. This is a great solution to achive high availability. Come back to the blog sometime for more latest updates on
      Oracle RAC, Oracle VM and Oracle EBS applications and Oracle Grid computing.

  2. 余先生,您好,在北京openworld最后一天参加了您的session,由于赶飞机没有听完,能否把演讲的PPT发给我,谢谢! 另外我想请问关于您session中提到的oracle11gR2 RAC中ASM和ORACLE Clusterware服务启动之间的“鸡和蛋的问题”,能否在邮件中解析下? 多谢!

  3. I have attended your session “Oracle11g R2 Clusterware and RAC: Architecture , Configuration, Troubleshooting and Case study“ Oracle OpenWorld Beijing 2010.
    would your please send this PPT to me,thank you very much!

    Would please explain the boot sequence ASM instance and Oracle Grid Infrastructure (you said this is a ” chicken and egg problem!“),I think first Gird Infrastructure services was started and then ASM,because,ASM instance has a parameter cluster_database=ture, so cluster serices must be started .

    • Hi, Zhouyuwen,

      Thank you for attending my presentation at OOW Beijing and bringing this great question
      that allowed me to do further research. To answer your question, I did some studies on
      my 11g R2 RAC environment and posted my findings on this blog. Basically Oracle came up
      a new startup sequence to cover the startup of both clusterware components and ASM
      instance. It starts some componets of the clustware such CSSD and CTSSD before the
      ASM instance, then starts ASM and mounts the diskgroup for OCR and votingdisks, then
      starts the CRS service. This problem is no longer a chicken or ego problem. Please refer to
      my recent posting ” In 11g R2 RAC, clusterware and ASM, which one is up first and which
      one is depending on other? ”

      And I have uploaded my OOW Beijing presentation to this blog. You can download the pdf of
      the presentation in “My Publication” session.

      Th Please come back to this blog for more additional updates. And your feedbacks are
      greatly appreciated.


  4. You may want to update the number of Ace Directors. As of today, June 5th 2011, they are at least 111. Your blog is very good.

  5. Hi Kai Yu,

    I am a regular visitor of your blog..nice post !! In plan to visit Singapore ..


    • Hi, Manash,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Are you from Singaport? I hope I will have a chance to visit Singapore in near future.

      I tried to upload my latest presentations and whitepapers on the presentations and publication session. Please feel free to visit these sessions.

  6. My congratulations! You doing great job! I used to test your systems on defence and security and i must say you have great product.

    • Thank you for your comments. I am very happy to know that. We will continue our works and
      ensure the good quality of the products and support the solutions that we provide.

      Thank you.

      Kai Yu

  7. HI Kai Yu, I read your paper on Building Oracle VM on Dell Blade and I had a question regardign the same.
    How can I reach you. My email id is var_abraham@hotmail.com

    Varghese Abraham
    • Hi, Varghese, Yesterday I sent you an email about support of running Oracle VM on Dell Blade. Yes. it is supported to run Oracle VM 3.1.1 on Dell 12 generation servers. And if you want to run Oracle VM on Dell 12 generation servers, you need to Oracle VM 3.1.1 and later, not before.

  8. Congratulations Kai for Technologist of the Year 2012 : Cloud Architect. Well-deserved.

  9. I visited your blog. I am very Happy.
    Thank you.

    With Regards

  10. Hi, Kai,
    I found your presentation “Oracle 11gR2 Clusterware: Architecture and Best Practices of Configuration and Troubleshooting” and wanted ask you few questions. Is your company using Oracle Plug and Play with GNS? When did you start using it? Have you experience any problem with it?

    I am in Kansas City. I am thinking setup GNS at the company I work but I have not found any body in town uses GNS.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  11. Hi Kai Yu,
    Greetings. Hope you are doing great. What are the OOW 2013 session you are presenting.

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