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My Upcoming Presentations at Collaborate 15 Conference   Leave a comment

At the upcoming Collaborate 15 conference (April 12-April 16), I will be giving three technical presentations and joining a technical panel as panelist. The presentation schedules and abstracts are listed as follow:

1. Optimize Oracle BI with Oracle 12c in-memory Database option
OAUG presentation, session #10502, Track: Business Analytics
April 13, Monday 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM | Room Jasmine C

Abstract: By adding the in-memory columnar-store feature, the recently released In-Memory Database option is designed to significantly improve query performance for OLAP application. This presentation will explore how to leverage this In-Memory feature on the Oracle OBIEE analytics environment. This presentation will use an financial analytics project as a case study to explore the best practices, lesson learned, performance studies of applying In-Memory database in the business analytic applications.
Session link:

2. Design and implement your own self service Enabled Private cloud with Oracle Em12c

IOUG presentation and virtual session: session #464, Track: Cloud Computing
April 14, Tuesday 2:00-3:00pm| Room: Palm D
Abstract:: Today when IT organizations plan to deploy Oracle database and applications in cloud, they may look at either using Oracle public cloud service or building their own private cloud. For those who would prefer to building and hosting their own private cloud, there are a quite few Oracle technologies that are designed for this purpose. This session will discuss some of these technologies and methodologies that Oracle used to build the Oracle public cloud: Oracle EM12c cloud management, self-service portal and Oracle Virtual Assemble Builder (OVAB). Using a case study as an example, this session will show how to design and build your private cloud with these technologies and to show how to implement the important cloud service: application self-service provisioning which is featured in Oracle public cloud.
Session Link::

3. Zero to 100MPH at the speed of cloud employing Oracle database on public cloud
IOUG presentation and Panel with panelist, session #530, panelists: Charles Kim, Kai Yu,Tariq Farooq
Track: Cloud Computing
April 15, Wednesday 9:15am-10:15am | Room: Reef F

Abstract: The Expert Panelists/Speakers will present a comprehensive overview of the Oracle Database Cloud Service offerings by covering Best Practices, Experiences, Insight, Tips and, a whole lot more about employing/deploying the Oracle Database Server family on Oracle’s Public Cloud.
Session link::

4. Implementing oracle database 12c heat map and automatic database optimization for database storage performance and cost
IOUG presentation and virtual session: session #464, Track: Cloud Computing
April 15, Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm | Room: Palm A

Abstract: While SSD (Solid State drive) based storage significantly improves the database performance by removing the storage IO bottlenecks, the cost of SSDs is still much higher than ones of regular spinning disks. As a cost effective way to leverage SSDs performance, the Storage tiering method stores those active data in high performance SSD storage and store those less or inactive data in low speed conventional spinning storage. While the store tiering methods is usually implemented on the storage level and setup by the storage admin, Oracle 12c Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) together called Information lifecycle Management (ILM) provide a great way for DBAs to automate the storage tiering for database segments on database level . This session will show the steps and method by which DBAs can use to implement these Oracle 12c features to automate the compression of database segments as well as movement of them to another tier storage based on the usage of the data.
Session link:

My Experiences with Oracle Cloud and Oracle VM technology   9 comments

It was a great honor for me to recieve the  industry prestigeous award “2012 Oracle Excellence Award: Technologist of the Year for Cloud Architect  ”  from Oracle Mazgine. Although I received this award at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco in early Octorber 2012, the award was officially announced on the  Oracle Magzine’s January/Feburary 2013 issue . im08t0-awards-tech-yu-1875816 - Copy

My original backgroud was Oracle DBA and Oracle Applications DBA. My experiences was mainly  on managing large Oracle RAC databases and Oracle E-Business applications suite running on complex muitple nodes environment such an Oracle Grid.  In late 2008, as a part of addtional responsibilites of  my job, I  started  working on Oracle virtualization technology  specifically   Oracle VM  for X86-64 platform .  Since then Oracle VM has become of one of my favour technologies. Natually I started looking at the best practices of running and deployment Oracle RAC databas, Oracle E-Business  suite applications on the Oracle VM enviroment.  The Oracle OpenWorld 2009 confernece allowed me to give three presentation sessions about  my work on Oracle VM technology:

And the contents of these presentations were also published in three whitepapers:

In 2010, Oracle Introduced the Oracle E-Business Oracle VM template. I was working on  a  project  for which I needed  to  deploy Oracle E-Business Applications on Oracle VM environment . However I noticed that the Oracle EBS VM template downloaded from Oracle was a general template for the Oracle EBS vision instance. For the project, I needed to find out a way to virtualize the exisiting  production Oracle E-Business suite system that currently ran on the physical environment . That is the backround that I came up the solution to  migrate the Oracle EBS suite t to a virtual environment. As a result of the project, I put toegther a whitepaper about this solution:

and also presented this solution at several Oracle conferences:

I also worked on provisioning database and applications using Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Software library and provisioning procedures  It can be considerred the early version of Oracle Cloud application provioning methods. Built in with Oracle Enterprise Grid control 10g, this  method can  quickly provision multiple node Oracle 10g RAC . Some of the early projects were presented at Oracle OpenWorld and Collaborate conferences:

As a  part of Oracle Enetrprise Manager 12c cloud beta efforts, I worked with Oracle EM12c product engineers and product managers on a Dell | Oracle joint Oracle cloud project. This project aimed to architect and implement a privare cloud solution based on Oracle VM and managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.  By importing Oracle VM templates into the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c’s software library, on this project we were able to  implement  the self service provisioning of applications  in the Oracle cloud environment using Oracle VM templates. The result of this project was presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, right after Oracle officially announced Oracle Enetrprise Manager 12c, total cloud control solution. 

In 2012, as Oracle released new version of Oracle VM 3.0, we upgraded this cloud  to Oracle VM 3.1.1 and implemented the self provisioning multiple tier applications   using Oracle virtual assembilies. the newer version of Oracle cloud was presentated at Oracle Openworld 2012:

Another area I have worked on is the Oracle database cloud based on Oracle RAC technology with or without Oracle VM:

These are some of presentations that  I have given on this area:

Four of my papers have been accepted by Oracle OpenWorld 2011.   2 comments

Just received an email notification from Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Content Team. Three of my papers have been accepted by the conference commitee. These papers are:
1) Session ID: 06980
Session Title: Configuring and Managing a Private Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager
2) Session ID: 07633
Session Title: Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Manager, Using Best Practices
3)Session ID: 08945
Session Title: Consolidate Oracle E-Business Suite Databases in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Grid: Case Study

For sure  I got the work to do this summer.

Latest update on July 2nd:

Looks like my fourth paper was accepted by Oracle OpenWorld 2011 for an IOUG Sunday session:

4) Session ID #09385: Ensure the High Availability and Stability of Oracle RAC: Storage and Network Side Story.

And you can see my OOW 2011 speaker page at this link.

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My Oracle Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Presentations:

1. Session ID: S316318
Title: Oracle RAC/Oracle VM Automated Provisioning with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
Abstract: Oracle Enterprise Manager offers an end-to-end solution for automated provisioning and lifecycle management of the whole system stack, including physical and virtual infrastructure. In this Oracle/Dell Inc. joint session, learn how the Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g provisioning and virtualization management packs can save time and money by automating the provisioning and management of the infrastructure of internal cloud services of IT organizations. It focuses on how to automate some time-consuming and error-prone tasks such as provisioning the Oracle VM environment, provisioning Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 11g Release 2, converting a single-node database to Oracle RAC, and extending an Oracle RAC database.
Event: Oracle OpenWorld
Track(s): Virtualization, Oracle Enterprise Manager
Session Type: User Group Forum (Sunday Only)
Session Category: Best Practices
Duration: 60 min.
Schedule: Sunday, September 19, 12:30PM | Moscone West L2, Rm 2009 Available

2. Session ID: S316263
Title: Monitoring and Diagnosing Oracle RAC Performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager
Abstract: DBAs may use some homegrown scripts based on v$views and gv$views for performance monitoring and diagnosis. Today Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a much more effective way to manage database performance. It not only identifies root causes of performance issues but also gives impact ratios and recommended solutions. This session discusses the performance monitoring and diagnosing features in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and presents some tuning examples to show step-by-step methods for monitoring real-time Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 11g database performance and then diagnosing performance issues by using the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor feature and navigating performance pages in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g.
Track(s): Database, Oracle Enterprise Manager

Session Type: Conference Session
Session Category: Features
Duration: 60 min.
Schedule: Thursday, September 23, 3:00PM | Moscone South, Rm 310 Available

My presentation schedule on Oracle Fusion Architecture – Soup to Nuts Online;   Leave a comment

I will be presenting the  following topic on  OAUG Fusion Council:  Oracle Fusion Architecture “Soup to Nuts” Online webseminar:

Date:                                        Monday, July 12

Time:                                        9am PST / 12pm EST to 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

Host Users Group:                    Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)

Presenter:                                 Kai Yu, Dell

Title: Provisioning Oracle RAC in a Virtualized Environment using Oracle Enterprise Manager


Oracle Enterprise Manager provides an end-to-end solution for automated provisioning, patching, and lifecycle management of virtual infrastructures and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC). Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a central management solution for Oracle RAC in virtualized environments. Learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager allows rapid provisioning of Oracle RAC systems in virtualized environment by using prebuilt Oracle VM templates and Oracle RAC provisioning features.  Authored by a Dell engineer and the Oracle enterprise manager product manager, this session shows the best practices to  establish an Oracle VM environment on commodity servers  and to configure the guest VMs for deploying Oracle RAC using Enterprise manager VM management  pack. It will focus on how to provision and scale up an Oracle RAC system in no more than few clicks using the enterprise management provisioning pack. The presentations will share the road map for upcoming provisioning, virtualization, and cloud computing features of Oracle Enterprise Manager.


  • Configuration Oracle VM server: OVM server installation, network/storage configuration best practices
  • Management OVM from Grid control: adding VM management pack, management OVM from Grid control
  • Provisioning Oracle RAC on VMs: the best practices to configure VMs for RAC, provisioning RAC/Extending RAC on VMs

To join the training session
1. Go to
2. Enter your name and email address (or registration ID).
3. Enter the session password: Soup2nuts
4. Click “Join Now”.
5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.