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Attending Oracle ACE Director Briefing in Oracle HQ   Leave a comment

As a tradition, Oracle ACE diretor briefing is held in Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores . This product briefing covers some of the latest development of Oracle Technology that will be announced on coming Oracle OpenWorld.  It is very exciting to see this new technology. It is also an Oracle ACE director family reunion. Greate  to see all these good friends from all over the world.

Oracle Executive Vice President Tomas Kurian gave an opening address.


Oralce Vice President Database Product Manageemnt Mark Townsend  talked about Database products.

Attended ORACLE ACE Director Product Briefing   Leave a comment

I was invited to attend two days Oracle product Briefing prior to the Oracle OpenWorld  2010 conference with the rest of Oracle ACE Directors at Oracle HQ on Thursday and Friday Sept 16-17, 2010. As a new member of this Oracle ACE Director club, it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to attend such great product strategy presentations. The two days presentations cover the current focus and future direction of Oracle Products. The product Briefing starts with the opening address by Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development, who gave the highlights of important areas such as servers, storage, systems, Database. Middleware, Applications as well as Java development environment. After Thomas’s open address, ACE directors had the opportunity to listen the presentations on the specific areas such as applications server infrastructure, SOA, Jave, Identify management and SOA, and AIA, Java SE, Portal, Webcenter and ECM, APEX, Oracle Database , OS and virtualization, Exadata and BI, etc.

Thomas Kurian, Oracle Executive Vice President, Product Development gave the open address in Oracle ACE Diretcor product briefing

Thomas Kurian, Oracle Executive Vice President, Product Development gave the open address in Oracle ACE Diretcor product briefing

Mark Townsend, Oracle VP of Database Product Management talked about What’s new from Oracle Database  Development


Stay tune for more updates on  Oracle OpenWorld 2010 conference this week.

Oracle RAC SIG Annual Board Election   Leave a comment

The RAC SIG is now having elections for a new set of officers. Each year we elect half the officers. Nominations are being done through the end of July, and elections will be run in August.

There are four positions open for in this year’s election:
* Web Seminar Chair
* International Chair
* Librarian Chair
* Regional Chair – Europe

If you are interested, please see the positions descriptions in the RAC SIG Election Page , and then nominate yourself in  this link.

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Just received two more presentation invites   Leave a comment

Last week I recieved one more session accepted  by Oracle Openworld content commitee:   Session ID: S316318 , Automated provisioning of Oracle RAC and Oracle VM using Enterprise Manager 11g

With this new session being accepted, I have total three sessions currently on my Oracle OpenWorld  2010 presentation schedules:

1) Session ID: S316318 ,  Title: Automated provisioning of Oracle RAC and Oracle VM using Enterprise Manager 11g:

Oracle Enterprise Manager offers an end-to-end solution for automated provisioning and lifecycle management of the whole system stack, including physical and virtual infrastructure. In this Oracle/Dell Inc. joint session, learn how the Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g provisioning and virtualization management packs can save time and money by automating the provisioning and management of the infrastructure of internal cloud services of IT organizations. It focuses on  how to automate some time-consuming and error-prone tasks such as provisioning the Oracle VM environment, provisioning Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 11g Release 2, converting a single-node database to Oracle RAC, and extending an Oracle RAC database.

2)Session ID: S316970, Title: Enabling Database-as-a-Service through Agile, Self-service Provisioning, co-presenters: Kai Yu (Dell), Rajat Nigam(Oracle), Akanksha Sheoran(Oracle)

Abstract: Database-as-a-service is becoming a reality. More and more datacenters are moving to a Self-Service model where users can request databases and get it in minutes. Learn how Enterprise manager’s Provisioning solution can enable such agile database-on-demand. Customers can now deploy tens of databases in a few minutues using self-service methods and without relying on pages of documentation.

3) Session ID: S316263, Title: Monitoring and Diagnosing Oracle RAC Performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Abstract: DBAs may use some homegrown scripts based on v$views and gv$views for performance monitoring and diagnosis. Today Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a much more effective way to manage database performance. It not only identifies root causes of performance issues but also gives impact ratios and recommended solutions. This session discusses the performance monitoring and diagnosing features in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and presents some tuning examples to show step-by-step methods for monitoring real-time Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 11g database performance and then diagnosing performance issues by using the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor feature and navigating performance pages in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g.

Besides of  these Oracle Openworld sessions, I will also be presenting an webseminar for IOUG Fusion Soup to Nuts Program on July 12th at 12pm ET. The prsentation topic is “Provisioning Oracle RAC in a Virtualized Environment using Oracle Enterprise Manager”

Completed configuration of Oracle 11g R2 RAC on OVM2.2   Leave a comment

Last week, I completed a configuration of Oracle 11g R2 RAC on Oracle VM 2.2. It was a pretty complex configuration, which consists of the following components:
Hardware and storage infrastructure:
1) Physical hardware for Oracle VM servers: Two Dell PowerEdge server R810:
2) Storage: Dell EqualLogic PS6510 iSCSI array with 10GbE iSCSI as the shared storage for Oracle VM shared storage as well as the shared storage for Oracle 11g R2 RAC.

Software stack:
1) Oracle VM 2.2 for Oracle Virtual servers installed R810
2) Oracle VM manager 2.2
2) Oracle Enterprise Linux 5U5 64 bit Os for as the two guest VMs as the RAC node
3) Oracle 11g R2 RAC built on top of two guest VMs:
Grid infrastructure with 11g R2 clusterware and ASM instances
11g R2 RAC software and RAC database
Basic configuration:
1) Oracle VM repository resides in shared storage of EqualLogic PS6510 storage array
2) The shared storage for 11g R2 Grid infrastructure and the RAC database
were configured on the virtual disks on the guest VMs which are mapped to the
the physical devices that were built on the EqualLogic storage volumes :
. ACFS for shared 11g R2 RAC home
. ASM diskgroup for OCRs and Votingdisks
. ASM diskgroup for Oracle RAC database including data and FRA.

Oracle E-Business Suite VM templates and Virtualization Kit   Leave a comment

Oracle has released Oracle E-Business Suite VM templates and the virtualization kit for building Oracle E-Business suite templates from an existing EBS environment and deploying a new Oracle E-Business Suite environment basded on the templates.  For more details, refer to the five-part series from Ivo Dujmovic, an architect in Oracle Applications Technology Integration group on virtualization and cloud topics.

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