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My Presentation Topics at Oracle OpenWorld 2013   Leave a comment


The six sessions that I will co-present at OOW13 are related to the following technologies: Oracle 12c Pluggable database, Oracle 12c Flex Clusters, Oracle 12c Flex ASM, Oracle VM 3.x, Oracle EM12c,  Oracle E-business applications, Dell Blade servers, Dell Compellent Fibre Channel All Flash Array, Dell PCIe SSDs. Each session will cover specific topics as follow:

1. Clustering/High Availability with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: 360 Degrees [UGF9803]
Speakers :
Tariq Farooq , Kai Yu
Sunday, Sep 22, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Moscone West – 3016

Topics: Oracle VM 3.2, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for Infrastructure Cloud management.

2. Oracle VM and Virtualization Best Practices: Expert Panel Discussion [UGF9809]
Speakers : Tariq Farooq , George Trujillo, Charles Kim , Kai Yu
Sunday, Sep 22, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM – Moscone West – 3018
Topics: Oracle VM 3.2 virtual infrastructure configuration  and management best pratices.

3. Cloud Computing, Oracle VM, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Best Practices: Expert Panel [UGF9756]
Speakers: Michael, Ault,Tariq Farooq, George Trujillo,Charles Kim ,Kai Yu  
Sunday, Sep 22, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM – Moscone West – 3018
Topics: Managing Infrasturcture with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

4. Best Practices for Deploying Highly Scalable Virtualized Oracle Applications [CON11257]
Speakers:Tariq Farooq , Kai Yu, AJ Schifano
Monday, Sep 23, 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM – Westin San Francisco – Concordia

Topics: Oracle VM 3.x and Virtualizing Oracle E-Business Applications on Oracle VM

5. Configuring Database Cloud with Oracle Database 12c on Dell Blades: Methods/Tips [CON11220]
Speakers: David Mar, Kai Yu
Monday, Sep 23, 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM – Moscone South – 250

Topics: Database Cloud architecture , Oracle VM for Oracle database, Oracle 12c Flex Cluster/Flex ASM, Oracle 12c pluggable database on Oracle RAC, Dell Blade servers and Dell Compellent Fibre Channel storage for Database Cloud

6. Accelerating OLTP Databases with Flash-Based Storage: Case Studies [CON11235]
Speakers: Naveen Iyengar, Kai Yu, Guy Harrison
Tuesday, Sep 24, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM – Moscone South – 250

Topics: Dell Compellent All Frash Array for Oracle OLTP database, Dell PCIe SSDs for Oracle OLTP database.


OTN LA Tour 2013   Leave a comment

July 14-24, 2013, I participated 2013 OTN (Oracle Technology Network ) Latin America conference  tour. During this tour I gave  nine presentations at four conferences:  OUG Ecuador , OUG Guatemala, Oug Panama, OUG COsta Rica.  The presentaions covered    the following topics.  The actual presentations will be uploaded into this blog site under ‘Presentation’ tab. 

1. High Availability Infrastructure of Database Cloud: Architecture, Best Practices:

Today in a database cloud that consolidates a large number of databases with different SLAs, any unplanned outage can be devastating and a small planned downtime may not be acceptable. The infrastructure high availability becomes extremely critical to a database cloud. This session will start with the system architect design and discuss the various techniques and options to achieve the high availability such as Oracle Clusterware/RAC, Data Guard and Oracle MAA. Then it will explore the configuration best practices to ensure fault tolerance of the entire stack of the infrastructure. It will also discuss the methods to reduce downtime during events like system upgrade and migration and the troubleshooting during system outage.  This presentation will discuss soem of Oracle 12c new features such as Oracle Flex Clusters, Oracl Pluggable databases running on Oracle RAC 12c.

2. Simplifying Application Deployment in Cloud using Virtual assemblies and EM 12c

 Oracle virtual assemblies provide a great way to simply the deployment of enterprise-class multi-tier applications and their configuration dependencies. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 11gR1 can create Oracle virtual assembly packages by capturing the state of an installed application topology. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c can deploy these assemblies in the cloud resulting in fully operational application stack within minutes. This session will walk you step by step through the Oracle virtual assembly creation process.  Then we will discuss the configuration of an infrastructure cloud based on Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control and demonstrate how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control to deploy an assembly on the Oracle infrastructure cloud.

3. Optimizing OLTP Oracle Database Performance using PCIE  Solid State Drive (SSD)

 PCIe SSD is an enterprise class high performance storage device. It is built with SLC NAND flash and designed for applications that require low latency and high IOPs (IO Per Second) operation. OLTP database workloads which require very low storage IO latency with many small random read/write IO operations are the ideal cases to use PCIe SSDs to improve the performance. To understand how much PCIe SSDs can really improve OLTP database performance and the related best practices, we have done a series of performance studies of using PCIe SSD for various Oracle database configurations including PCI SSD as Oracle smart flash cache. This studies are based a single node Oracle 11g R2 database as well as a two node 11gR2 Oracle Real Application clusters (RAC) database with Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.2 platform. This presentation is to examine each of these case studies and the compare the performance improvements of these cases.



2012 IOUG Virtualization SIG – Online Symposium on Nov 7 and Nov 8   Leave a comment

IOUG Virtualization SIG is going to have a two day Online Symposium on Nov 7 and Nov 8.  All the presentations are online and free. Each presentation will last about 1 hour. The speakers include the experts from the user community or the virtualization product Engineers or product managers from Oracle andVMware. Come to join the opportunity to learn the latest updates of these technologies  from the experts on the fields. 

Here are the agenda:

November 7 – Oracle on Oracle VM
Register Today
10:00am – 10:55am CDT     Oracle on Oracle VM – Expert Panel
11:00am – 11:50am CDT     Maximizing your Virtualized Environment with Oracle VM
12:00pm – 12:50pm CDT     The RAC OVM Templates and the new DeployCluster tool on OVM3
1:00pm – 1:50pm CDT        The Latest on Oracle VM
2:00pm – 2:50pm CDT        Simplifying Application Deployment in Cloud Using Virtual Assemblies and EM 12c

November 8 – Oracle on VMware
Register Today
10:00am – 10:55am CDT    Virtualizing Oracle
11:00am – 11:50am CDT    Oracle Virtualization Best Practices from VMware Support
12:00pm – 12:50pm CDT    Virtualization Migration Strategies
1:00pm – 1:50pm  CDT      Storage Best Practices for Oracle on VMware
2:00pm – 2:50pm CDT       Raising the Bar with Oracle on Vblock(tm) Systems

For the deatils of this Online Symposium, please visit this IOUG link:

I will participate the following two sessions as a panelist and a speaker on Nov 7:

10:00am – 10:55am CDT     Oracle on Oracle VM – Expert Panel 

(Presentation slides Download link:

2:00pm – 2:50pm CDT        Simplifying Application Deployment in Cloud Using Virtual Assemblies and EM 12c

(Presentation slides download link:

Oracle VM Manager 3.0.x Upgrade.   Leave a comment

Recently I upgraded my Oracle VM Manager from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.
This blog entry will outline the upgrade steps and also
attach some of results of the each step:
1. Download the Oracle VM Manager 3.0.2 upgrade software from e-delivery:
2. unzip to
ovmm-3.0.2-upgrade-b73.iso file and copy the iso file to
Oracle VM manager server
3. Mount the iso file to as a CD image as the root user:
mkdir /OVMUP
mount -o loop ovmm-3.0.2-upgrade-b73.iso /OVMUP
4. Do a full database backup of the Oracle VM repository
5. As the root user, ensure the Oracle VM Manager is running:
service ovmm status
if not, start it up: service ovmm start
5. Run the upgrade as the root user:
[root@kovmmgr2 OVMUP]# ./
Oracle VM Manager upgrade utility
Upgrade logfile : /tmp/upgrade-2011-12-22-36.log

It is highly recommended to do a full database repository
backup prior to upgrading Oracle VM Manager …

Press any key to continue …

Oracle VM Manager is running …
Verifying installation status …
Read Oracle VM Manager config file …
Found Oracle VM Manager install files …
Found Oracle VM Manager upgrader …
Found Oracle WebLogic Server …
Found Java …
Using the following information :
Database Host : localhost
Database SID : XE
Database LSNR : 1521
Oracle VM Schema : ovs
Oracle VM Manager UUID : 0004fb0000010000905d254d353ebd0c
Current Build ID :
Using /tmp/workdir.CdRiy10342 for backup and export location.
Using /tmp/patchdir.kZYy10343 for patching.
Enter password for user ovs :
Please re-enter the password :
Undeploying previous version of Oracle VM Manager application …
Undeploying Oracle VM Manager help …
Undeploying Oracle VM Manager console …
Undeploying Oracle VM Manager core …
Waiting for Oracle VM Manager core to fully undeploy…
Finished undeploying previous version …
Exporting Oracle VM Manager repository …
Please wait as this can take a long time …
Oracle VM Manager repository export completed …
Creating backup file …
Oracle VM Manager repository backup in /tmp/
Deleting Oracle VM Manager repository …
Oracle VM Manager repository delete completed …
Upgrading Oracle VM Manager …
Removing old files …
Unpacking Oracle VM Manager
Patching Oracle VM Manager repository …
Please wait as this can take a long time …
Oracle VM Manager repository patching completed …
Importing Oracle VM Manager repository …
Oracle VM Manager repository import completed …
Redeploying Oracle VM Manager core container …
Redeploying Oracle VM Manager console …
Redeploying Oracle VM Manager help …
Completed upgrade to …
Writing updated config in /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/.config
Done …

4. It took more than 12 hours to complete the upgrade.
I can’t belive it needs such a long time for the upgrade.
5. After the upgrade, login to VM manager, and you will see the the following :

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